CP27 Alami High Quality

CP 27 Alami High Quality is a coating natural stone surface based siliconate high concentration of water-repellent (water repellent) and do not alter the original color of the coated surface of the stone. 
This product is suitable for applied protection, and exterior maintenance as resistant to UV, fungus, moss, water, sewage and other so easily cleaned. 

This product is suitable for sandstone, Ornament, stone selvy, serayu stone, sand stone import, sladge india, and other building materials (bricks, walls, etc.). 

  • How To Use
    1. Clear the field that will coating of the fungus, mildew, dirt, dust and oily layer 
    2. Make it sure that the surface of the stone was clean and dry 
    3. Mix the coating and make sure that was evenly mixed
    4. Brush or spray coating evenly, re-coating back to the stone surface with high porositas 

  • Description

    The period of drying: dry for the next coating ± 15 minute (do relining before the first coat dry)
    Coverage: ± 5-7 m2 / liter (depending on the porosity of the surface of natural stone)
    How to use: stir and ready to be used with a brush and spray

  • Additional Info
    1. Cover tightly after use packaging coatings
    2. Store in a cool and keep it away from direct sunlight
    3. Keep out of reach of children