CP27 Remover

CP remover 27 is remover product that is effective to clean the coating / varnish natural stone that is damaged. Use of CP27 remover will not damage the physical object (natural stone), which held cleaning, in practical applications, and provide optimal results. 

  • How To Use
    1. Prepare a working tool (brush, brush and dry cloth)
    2. Grab and brush CP remover 27 on the object thoroughly and immediately scrub with a brush (evaporate quickly). Brush CP remover 27 once again and wipe the object with a dry cloth
    3. Then the object will be ready to be applied again with new coating.

  • Additional Info
    1. CP27 paint remover is the active ingredient of natural stone coating exfoliating based solvent (oil) volatile, and therefore an effort so that cans are always tightly closed and do storage in a dry and shady (protect from direct sunlight)
    2. To avoid air (odor) gas that stung, do the work in the open
    3. Keep this material from fire due to flammable and keep out of reach of children