CP27 Marble Super TC

MARBLE SUPER TOP COAT is super coatings marble and granite stones that have active ingredients that serve to fill the pores of the stone so that the upper is waterproof and prevents stains will seep. Besides super marble top coat will protect the stone from color fading.

Marble super top coat with a particle size small enough to penetrate the pores of the marble stones to a depth of several millimeters, so that will ensure maximum protection on marble and granite stones.

  • How To Use
    1. Brush MSTSC on marble surfaces, wait five minutes, then smooth with a dry cloth.
    2. After one hour, do relining.

  • Description

    The period of drying: ± 24 hours
    Coverage: ± 20 m2 / liter (depending on the porosity of the rock surface)
    How to use: brush, then wipe with a dry cloth.

  • Additional Info
    1. Cover tightly after use packaging coatings
    2. Store in a cool and keep it away from direct sunlight
    3. Keep out of reach of children