CP27 Marble Super UC

MARBLE SUPER UNDER COATt is coating marble and granite that have active ingredients that work is complete so that the anti-pore water and prevent the occurrence of flek-flek more white on the surface of the marble and granite. 

Marble super coat specifically formulated with high quality material so easily applied, direct-use, no smell and does not burn easily. 

  • How To Use
    1. Clean the entire surface of the marble and granite that will be in the coating of dust, mildew, fungi, and other dirt.
    2. Marble super coat can be applied with roll, brush and spray
    3. Coat the Marble super coat on the bottom and on the side of the marble / granite.
    4. Let it dry thoroughly for 24 hours
    5. After dry, marble or granite ready to install

  • Description

    Masa pengeringan: kering untuk pelapisan berikutnya ± 15 menit (lakukan pelapisan ulang sebelum lapisan pertama kering)
    Daya Sebar: ± 5 – 7 m2 / liter (tergantung porositas permukaan batu alam)
    Cara pemakaian: aduk dan siap digunakan dengan kuas dan semprot

  • Additional Info
    1. Cover tightly after use packaging coatings
    2. Store in a cool and keep it away from direct sunlight
    3. Keep out of reach of children