Tentang Kami

Tentang Kami

CV. Cahaya Purnama is a company that specializes in industrial coating products or natural stone surface that we call the COATING (CP27). Businesses that operate since 2000, centered on Jl. Raya Wedoro 34B, Sidoarjo, East Java and has a branch in Jl. Radin Intan 2/80 Kav. 4 Duren Sawit - Jakarta.

Coating products (CP27) has been marketed in almost all parts of Indonesia and become the market leader for natural stone coating markets are very concerned for improving and developing quality products for costumer satisfaction. Sales turnover rises each year to signifikkan evidence costumer confidence in the products we produce.

Why using our products?

Many alternatives that we can choose in designing a dwelling. More recently the concept of shelter "back to nature" was a favorite. To support the concept that occupancy of naturalists, natural stone materials into one of the most important component for the creation of a beautiful residential atmosphere, beautiful and soothing. In addition, the use of natural stone will also provide other nuances, not only visually but also psychologically for the owners. 

Currently, natural stone not only functioned as a material of exterior walls or floor of the house, some kind of natural stone like sandstone which was carved used as interior decoration, so the room will be far from monotonous impression. Natural stone also become an important element in creating the park, interior bathrooms and other buildings. 

Given the important role of natural stone for the creation of residential natural atmosphere, the care and protection be absolute thing done. Natural stone has a high porosity will easily absorb water so it will create a damp stone and moss will grow which will interfere with a beautiful view of the natural stone itself. Besides humidity, the accumulation of the sun which will also continue to mislead natural stone becomes dull. 

From the above background, we took the initiative to create products of natural stone coating (Coating CP 27) which will provide a protective effect (protection), so that natural stone has a resistance to ultraviolet light, waterproof, anti-mildew, and anti-fungal. The use of coating will make the stone more resistant to weather changes either in or outside the room.